We Go the Extra Mile to Assist First Responders

We Go the Extra Mile to Assist First Responders

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Are you adding more police officers or firefighters to your team? Find the equipment you need at First Responders Equipment & Supply. We partner with numerous manufacturers to carry an array of high-quality products. Visit our store to purchase bulletproof vests, handcuffs, badges and other essential equipment. You can also arrange emergency vehicle modifications.

Our specialists will apply law enforcement decals to your vehicles and install sirens and lights. Call 337-456-4592 to discuss your vehicle modification project.

Here’s how our process works

When you hire First Responders Equipment & Supply for complete emergency vehicle modifications, we will:

  • Give you an accurate estimate – we maintain competitive pricing, and we’ll help you source premier parts.
  • Order sirens, lights and decals – if we don’t have the right parts in stock, we’ll contact our preferred suppliers.
  • Install all parts and make modifications – ask us about two-way radios, cages and computer systems.

Ready to add a new vehicle to your fleet? Schedule a modification appointment today.